Yoga Holidays in Cyprus:

Zening Resort

My friends this is what you call a Yoga Resort! This is a adult only resort dedicated to keeping things peaceful for their guests. It’s a brand new location and the studios are located inside and outside. 2 large swimming pools adorne the grounds. They call it Zening for a reason-it’s a quiet extremely peaceful place but in a very chilled not forced on you way. If you’re looking for a party- this isn’t the right place for you- but if you’re looking to relax and unwind completely you’ve found the motherload!

Reviews: There are a few mixed reviews here but it still sits strong at 92%. It seems they decided to do a soft launch and heavily discount the first few stays. A few people were a little upset with the construction going on around them, but hey- it’s discounted for a reason. The more recent reviews have been absolutely spotless and glowing. Amazingly helpful staff, delicious food, great view- although some feel it wasn’t isolated enough. Small but perfect rooms, grounds are immaculate.




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