Yoga Retreats India:
Yoga Vidya Spiritual Retreats
Mysore, Karnataka, India

Yoga Vidya definitely focuses on teacher training. However it also offers something for beginner yoga holidays. The beginner yoga vacation in Mysore takes place in June for 2 weeks and the other is a teacher training course running 8 times throughout the year 4 times at the Peridot Inn in Mysore and 4 times at the Jaiva Campus in Kerala. Recently they moved their beginner course to Mysore from Kerala to better serve their students. The accommodations aren’t luxurious but they can be private and are clean. Although their practice and dedication is strict they are a friendly bunch and will help you out with making suitable food that is easy on your stomach!

Dates: Ongoing

Type of Yoga: not specified

Child minding available: no

Other Activities (other than yoga):excursions, but they cost a little extra

Cost: beginner immersion: included accommodation, food and classes$700 usd shared $900 usd private For more info on the teacher training please see our teacher training page

Non Yogi partners welcome: no

Food: Light Indian food, but will make you gentle easy on the tummy “Americian” food (like porrige) if needed

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