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Escape Haven

These yoga surf retreats have great reviews, tonnes of dates and luxury spa treatments along with your surfing classes!

This company used to be called Surf Haven, they’ve changed the name but haven’t lost their knowledge of the surf! Now they are considered a luxury health retreat in Byron Bay and Bali offering surf lessons. These retreats are exclusively for women and run entirely by women, many of the reviews note how uplifting and wonderful the female experience was for them. They have won several awards from trip advisor and traveller’s choice and it have ended up on my must try list too. 

Dates: too many to list! see their website (below) for more details!

The instructors: I believe this is why they are so popular. They've managed to take people who aren't into yoga or surfing and make it an extremely joyous vacation for them. 

Food: Some of the meals are included but Escape Haven wants you to get out and experience the local culture and what better way than to sit down for a few meals.

Byron Bay location: offer the Surf Camp Yoga Retreat package which includes  4 surf lessons, daily yoga class, 2 guided meditation sessions,  breakfasts, lunches and most dinners, 2 -90 minute massages, a cooking workshop and a full day tour. These retreats run Friday to Thursday. However please note additional accommodations either one day before or after your retreat is not available.

The Bali location: The package is similar to the Byron Bay one, however it seems a little more luxurious- 5 hours of spa treatments, a butler 24/7, cultural day excursion, beach sarong, gift bag and CD memoir of your trip. Again these surf and yoga retreats begin on Friday and end on Thursday and they have one pretty much every week throughout the yea

Also to note this is a VERY solo traveller friendly retreat.

Yoga Surf Retreats Reviews:

Escape Haven Reviews: the Bali location has 96 reviews under the former name Surf Haven and it sits at an outstanding 99%!!! That’s incredible and I’m adding it to my top rated page right now!  The lowest rating it got was average- and it was rated that because it didn’t have a public computer, didn’t serve drinks with the meals and couldn’t extend her stay because there was another retreat booked- quite frankly she sounds a little spoiled and high maintenance...Most people are raving about the staff being so friendly, great food and warm atmosphere even with the other guests. A couple of the review did state they were paying top dollar but not getting top notch experience. I guess it depends what perspective you go with!

Their Website: http://www.escapehaven.com/

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