Yoga Spa Vacations:

The Golden Door

Escondido, California, USA

Sorry guys this one is only for ladies-although they do offer some co-ed weeks and events.  The Golden Door has been operating since 1958 and these folks really know what they’re doing.  Even though it’s a modern spa there is so much to do-

 you can even join in on a 5:30am guided hike through their 400 acres! 

They keep the guest list at a small 40 maximum and each guest is given their own room- NO sharing!!! One aspect they really believe in is once you get there you make no decisions. Our daily life is filled with decision making and they know we need a break from it- they make all the arrangements based on your needs and desires.The food is lovingly prepared specific to your needs and it’s pulled right from their gardens just hours before you enjoy it. They grow all their own vegetables and eggs too. This place is really unlike any other I’ve heard of.

This place just landed on my must try list!


Reviews: On tripadvisor they have 10 reviews and they all rate at excellent! So it’s 100% for for the Golden Door. Every single review is raving about how amazing it is. Some of the reviews are from some pretty experienced spa goers too. They say it’s the best spa in the United States, and thats a pretty tall feat.  Plentiful staff that are super friendly and helpful, a very zen like atmosphere, everything is high end and extremely well kept. They even manage to create a friendliness among the guests as well.

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