Yoga Spa Vacations:


Hua Hin, Thailand

This is a destination spa that is considered the best in Thailand, because it focuses on exactly what the guest wants. If you want private classes you got it, if you want group classes they can do that to!

Sleep in or up at dawn- the choice is yours. They do have a have policy of no mobile phones or devices and no children. This is a place to truly relax  and detox. Chiva Som definitely has a focus on detox so be careful if you’re not into that! Portion sizes of food are small but delicious.

Reviews: 84% on tripadvisor. With all the hype and topping many best of lists I would have expected higher. Perhaps they were sponsored lists or perhaps  nothing can live up to this amount of hype.  It’s rumoured to have 5 staff to everyone guest so service is fantastic from most accounts. Most of the complaints about these yoga spa vacations is it seems a little over priced for what you get. It’s not super luxury but you pay for it.

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