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Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Stockbridge, Massachusetts


This is a huge retreat center that sees over 35,000 guests per year and has a 200 page catalogue. Accommodations are viewing mountains and lakes but yet start at an affordable rate for shared occupancy. There are tonnes of programs to choose from with just as many guest presenters from anything to food to happiness and everything in between.

The R & R package is an ongoing relaxation retreat open at anytime to anyone. The only restriction is a 2 day minimum with no arrivals or departures on Saturdays. It includes accommodations, and meals and many extra activities like yoga, hiking, tai chi, massage treatments, dance classes, various workshops, the list goes on and on!

 Price $170-$400

Reviews: don’t go expecting a five star resort… the ratings sit at a low 81%. ouch. Although because it’s so large it’s very welcoming to all types of people so judgement is left at home so everyone is comfortable here. It’s recommended by many guests to do a R & R day before you begin any programs or workshops, so you get in some nice hikes and free time.

Go here if you’re looking for: a get away that is still close to home, want a wide variety of activities or workshops to choose from, or have a look at their calendar and choose a specific retreat date according to something that interests you. 

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