Yoga Retreats UK

For this Yoga Retreats UK page I decided to include retreats from various parts of UK to spread the love a little bit!

You'll find some for Scotland and England, and Ireland has it's own page because demand was high enough to create one.

I've also created some pages that are located in UK, like Essex, because there are so many wonderful retreats there it needed it's own page!

More Yoga Retreats UK:

Ecoyoga Centre

Ford, Scotland

Dates: ongoing

Prices: 90-100 pounds

A peaceful, quiet setting for your  outdoor baths, yoga and eco living tours. Being fully off the grid this place is a must see for those interested in helping the environment....keep reading!

Platinum Healing

Arundel, West Sussex

dates: wide range available

Price: 150-200 pounds

Plattinum Healing runs many different types of yoga retreats UK and also Portugal. They specailize in detox retreats for all kinds of aliments...keep reading!

Harrogate Yoga Retreats

Harrogate, UK

Dates: various

Price: about 80pounds per day + accommodations 

A urban setting yoga retreat with a focus on ayurvedic medicine, your host Anne Marie wears many hats...keep reading!

Yogi Adventures

Various uk locations

dates: various

Prices: about 70-100 pounds per night

I'm an adventure junkie so I can't wait to try these yoga retreats uk. Yogi adventures combine yoga and various kinds of adventures...keep reading!

Tilton House

East Sussex, UK

dates: many weekend retreats through out the year

price: about 110-115 pounds per night

This is a regular functioning hotel that hosts severaL different retreats through out the year, with a variety of different instructors...keep reading!

Mellulah Therapy

Dorset, UK

dates: various weekends

Price: starts at £299 for the weekend

A cute little retreat center with ongoing yoga classes and organized retreats for many weekends through out the year... keep reading!

Yoga on a Shoestring


dates: many dates available

cost: varies greatly but they specialize in inexpensive retreats

I think of this UK yoga retreat company as a build your own retreat style. If you need something cheap and simple they offer it. If you need something soothing and luxurious they have that too!...keep reading!

Retreat to Gayles

South Downs, UK

dates: ongoing

price: about 100pounds for the whole weekend

If you're looking for a yoga retreat in the UK that focuses highly on yoga and not on fancy accommodations with all the bells and whistles, this may be your perfect fit....keep reading!

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