Yoga Retreats in Nicaragua

Yoga Retreats in Nicaragua:

Knowing a little Spanish will help with Yoga retreats in Nicaragua, but don’t fret all the yoga retreats listed here are English speaking. And I hope you love surfing because I’m pretty sure it’s the national pass time here! Yoga & Coaching Retreat
Jiquilillo, Nicaragua
January 17-24th, 2016
$1145 USD

Go here if you're looking for: A retreat that has it all!! SUP, surfing, life coaching & excursions.

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El Coco Loco Retreat Center
El Manzano, Nicaragua
Prices Vary

Go here if you're looking for: close proximity to the beach, great reviews and lots of activities to try.

Equilibrio Art and Yoga Retreat
Pacific Coast, Nicaragua
Prices Vary

Go here if you're looking for: an eco-friendly center with high ratings,  organic farm and volunteer opportunities.

Aqua Wellness Resort
Prices Vary

Go here if you're looking for: A resort offering on going yoga classes but their ratings are having problems.

Travelling to Nicaragua:

Nicaragua is a small country in Central America, located just north of Costa Rica. It's known for it hospitality, low cost of living, and eco friendly attitudes. Gorgeous beaches are everywhere complete with great surf. This country definitely is a popular spot for the younger more adventurous traveller who enjoys alot of different activity- like volcano boarding- just like it sounds you actually board down the side of a volcano! However it's also a great place to just relax and unwind from the hectic lifestyle, many of the retreats listed are away from the hustle and bustle, providing quiet and peaceful atmosphere so many of busy people need to really feel rejuvenated at the end of our holidays. If you can, make sure to plan your vacation in January so to catch the San Sebastian festival- its a great way to experience the country's true culture with parades, feasts and music. The currency in Nicaragua is NIO and 100 NIO is worth $3.64/USD (Fall 2015). 550 NIO (or about 20 USD) will get you a nice room in a cute hotel. To haggle with prices is the custom in Nicaragua so don't be shy about asking for a lower price! Remember that poverty is very noticeable in this country and gifts from your homeland are highly sought after.

Be prepared for:
- lots of power outages
- no running hot water
- a strong desire to want to give back to the local community- these people will steal your heart.

For more tips on Nicaragua check out Nomadic Matt's page on Nicaragua.

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