Yoga Retreats in Bali:

Choose from a wide variety of yoga retreats in Bali below. Experience the unique culture while on one of these wonderful retreats. Oh and take your surf board if you can! You can choose to stay at one location or take a Bali tour and get a truely unique Balinese experience. This a very active country and you'll get along if you have a sense of adventure. But if you want to be pampered instead of climbing mountains it's there for you!

10 Day Weight Loss & Yoga
Bali, Indonesia
Ongoing dates
$1799 USD
Go here if you're looking for: A way to seriously commit to losing weight & learn how to keep it off.

Sacred Waters Yoga & Diving
May 1-7, 2016 
$2507 USD

Go here if you're looking for: A chance to truely explore the goregous waters of Bali, pampering resort.

Kumara One World retreats
Ubud, Bali
IDR 14,200,000

Go here if you're looking for: an escape into soft and relaxing yoga, peaceful setting and ceremonies.

Bali tour
April-May, September

Go here if you're looking for: A tour of Bali including all the lcoals only spots, a luxury hiking adventure.

Bali Wellness Retreats
Ubud, Bali
Ongoing retreat center
$500 USD/ 4 days

Go here if you're looking for: A gentle plant based cleanse, Kundalini yoga, pranayama, pretty setting.

The Yoga Barn
Ubud, Bali
Ongoing Yoga Retreat
250 000 RP

Go here if you're looking for: Large yoga classes, good instructors and a chance to make lots of new friends!

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