Yoga Retreats Florida

Yoga Retreats Florida is a great way to enjoy sunny beaches, a great party atmosphere in Miami and top notch resorts and accommodations. 

The Standard Spa
Miami, Florida, USA
ongoing year round
$200 USD/night

This place is famous for it's spa and although it's not a yoga retreat in the true sense of the word they do have ongoing yoga classes, a spa and lovely accommodations. 

Yoga Retreats Florida

Hippocrates Health Institute

 Technically I wouldn’t call this a yoga retreat, but it’s definitely a retreat and they offer yoga. The range of modalities offered here is absolutely incredible. Everything from Acupuncture to Reiki to Pilates and personal training. This is a place where people who are sick come to heal. Anything from mild depression to stage 4 cancer. But be aware, there are many negative reviews and some very dissapointed people. Most were upset with the type of food, cleanliness and expense. Most said they could do the same at home for just a fraction of the cost. Others recommended a visit there before making a reservation.There are no prices listed on their site for accommodation but a private yoga class will run you about $100, it does not specify what kind of yoga it is. You are there to heal with a treatment program that you’ve created for yourself.

Yoga Retreats Florida:

Ayurveda Health Retreat,

Alachua, Florida, USA

Wow, the reviews speak for themselves! Out of 41 votes they have 39- 5 out of five rating! The support and care of the staff, including Richard the owner, is what stands out in all the reviews. They go above and beyond to please and help guests with the problems and conditions they face. In conjunction with the retreat center there is an ongoing yoga shala onsite called Inspiration Yoga Insitute. This is where you take classes during your retreat and it’s a welcoming, warm environment for all levels. The accommodations are basic but clean and simple. Your room comes equipped with all your meditation needs- candle, lighter etc. The food is vegetarian which is the usual for Ayurvedic medicine and there is alot of variety and fresh ingredients. They even offer cooking classes to make sure you can cook the healthy dishes at home. 

Yoga Retreats Florida:

Amrit Yoga Institute

Salt Springs, Florida USA

ongoing retreat center with some specific events

Amrit yoga is a style of yoga developed using the ancient traditions of yoga into something relevant and effective for modern westerners. This retreat is definitely ashram style. The accommodations are dormitory style and hence very affordable for those looking to really immerse themselves in Amrit Yoga. You can even do some volunteering to reduce costs even further. You are asked to bring your own bed linens and towels. Amrit Yoga offers many different retreats throughout the year with different themes.  Strong focus on the more advanced yoga aspects like meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama. The grounds are peaceful and pretty. The environment is non judgemental and energy is calm and loving.

Yoga Retreats Florida:

Discovery Yoga

St. Augustine Florida, USA

ongoing retreat center with some specific events

Here we have a wonderful set up with a fully functioning yoga studio with onsite accommodations. You can set up a personal retreat or attend one of their many workshops throughout the year, even teacher training. Accommodations are basic and reasonably priced with some options of sharing and sharing a bathroom or having a private  room with an ensuite bathroom. There is no food served here rather they provide a full kitchen for you to do your own cooking. There are also few restaurants nearby.

Yoga Retreats Florida:

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort

Amelia Island Florida

ongoing hotel offering yoga classes

 Waterfront hotel offering Yoga classes in their fitness center. So it’s not really a true yoga retreat but you could make it your own personal one! It’s also a place where you can bring the whole family and everyone will find something to entertain themselves. There is golfing, fishing, boating, horseback riding, beaching, relaxing, going to the spa, shopping or just relaxing by the pool. The possibilities are endless, but just don’t expect yoga immersion!

Cost: $300 to $400 per night, some packages include breakfast

Non Yogi partners welcome oh yeck ya.

food: nine restaurants onsite to choose from, some packages include breakfast.

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