Yoga Retreats Directory

This is where you can list your own retreat to our Yoga Retreats Directory! The basic listing is completely free! 

Yoga Retreats Directory Listing:

* We build your listing saving you time to focus on your retreat!
* Your listing is published WITH SEO, making sure your listing is found by Google and other search engines.
* Many photos, edited to ensure search engines don't penalize your listing for duplicate content from your website.
* Video- if you have a youtube video we can use it.
* Your retreat appears at the TOP of listing pages, making sure it gets lots of traffic.
* Highlighted listing on appropriate page.
* Your retreat is listed on many different appropriate pages.
* Your retreat appears on our homepage= even more traffic
* Your listing appears SITEWIDE = increasing your exposure.
* Social Media and newletter pushes.
* Contact form included on your listing, decreasing spam
* no charge for edits.
* no outside advertisements= distractions from booking your retreat 
* 10% Commission based, you only have to pay us if we get you results!

Yoga Retreats Directory Listing

  • You build the listing or we can build it for $15USD
  • Listing is published without any SEO help, so hopefully you know a little something about it so search engines can find you.
  • 4 small photos and no video.
  • Your listing appears only on the appropriate location page.
  • Contact email and website linked into listing.
  • $40 USD for edits, so make sure your info is correct!
  • we DO sell ad space to google on your listing page, if you do a great job- good photos and captions, and follow prompts we will make google ads minimal on your page.

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