Yoga Retreats and Vacations Mexico:
Xinalani Retreat
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Description: Xinalani yoga retreats and vacations Mexico is a private, secluded eco retreat so a great place from getting away from city life and connected to nature. Everything is open air- bathrooms, rooms, restaurants- so if a few bugs make you bolt be careful! Staying here is a bit of an adventure in itself.

They host many retreats throughout the year and are working out alot of the kinks that come with starting up a retreat center. The food here is said to be a quite wonderful from most accounts, however there were a few complaints of inconsistency and lack of gluten free options. Note: if mobility is an issue for you keep in mind this retreat center is built vertically into a mountain, so there are ALOT of stairs and you’ll have to climb them to get anywhere. 

Dates: Almost every week something is available. Surfing available November to March.


- Big Palapa 4 single beds, 1 bathroom $165/ per person per night
- Small Palapa 8 single beds and 1 bathroom $180/ per person per night
- Deluxe Room $295 single occupancy, $195 double occupany per person per night
- Petite Suite $360 single occupancy, $240 double occupancy per person per night
- Eco- chic Suite $440 single, $290 double occupancy per person per night

Instructor Name: Varies as they run a retreat almost every week. They also run personal retreats, and the instructor page for their ongoing classes is actually blank, so I’m waiting for an update.

Type of yoga? many different types and styles to suit any level.

Activities: Surfing runs November to March and the 2 hour lessons are $75 each. Board rentals are $30-35. 
Other activities:
- kayaking
- snorkeling
- scuba diving
- sweat lodges
- Steam bathes
- meditation classes
- spa treatments (ie massages and others)
- swim with dolphins
- whale watching
- zip lining

Child minding available? no

Are Non Yogi partners welcome?yes

Food, what’s included, what type of food is it? 3 local fresh meals per day are included, it indicates on their website allergies can be accommodated however one guest had a hard time getting suitable food and had to ask a couple of times.

Do they serve or allow alcohol? yes

Accommodations? These yoga retreats and vacations Mexico are open air and eco friendly.  So this means you do not have four walls around you people... Get it? If you're not ok with a few nocturnal bugs showing up in the night you might want to rethink this place. Its gorgeous but " not for the faint at hear" as one reviewer put it. Also know a little something about the seasons before booking! July is hot and rainy, thus the humidity is inescapable without air-conditioning which is not something you'll find at an eco retreat!

Instructions for getting there: Only 12 miles south of the Puerto Vallarta Airport. However it is only accessible by boat and the retreat can arrange transport for you. However in the past it has been said the boat transfer is very unreliable and more expensive than if you arrange it on your own.

Yoga retreats and vacations Mexico Reviews:

These yoga retreat and vacations Mexico sit at 90% on tripadvisor and very similar to that across other reviews sites.

The postives: If you're in a group you'll be very well taken care of. The staff are friendly and helpful and all the stairs will help you lose weight, if you're looking for that. Location and views are spectacular, nice get away from all the business of the world. Friendly guests and warm atmosphere.

The negatives: Some people hated the stairs, some people didn't like the gluten free options, there seemed to be an issue with bed bugs in late 2014 but nothing yet in 2015. The value was questioned several times from the individual travellers. The groups however all were very happy. I think they give large discounts to the group retreats, so keep that in mind. hot water is not always provided and sometimes there is nothing they can do about it.

I think if you don't mind embracing a little discomfort on your yoga retreats and vacations Mexico you'll love this place!


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