Shambhala Mountain Center
Yoga Retreat Colorado

 This is a large buddhist meditation center that offers over 100 workshops per year in a beautiful location. It’s a great place to come and deepener your practice with 600 acres for a back yard. They do offer yoga classes so it can still be considered one of the large yoga retreats USA. Keep in mind before booking this an entirely volunteer run facility that relies on donations. Food is listed as vegetarian but it does indicate in some of the reviews that there was beef served. They have been up and running since 1971 and still going strong. Interesting to note there is a very well known buddhist monument here: the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya that is spectacular to see.


Price: The price is widely ranged at $74 per person per night for their seasonal tent accommodations and includes all your vegetarian meals. It goes up to $229 per person per night for a suite with a private bathroom.

Reviews: wow, the rating sits a very low 78%. Mostly people were disappointed with the cleanliness and improperly trained staff. However most of the problems seem to be in the past

Go here if you’re looking for: a great view of mountains, simple accommodations and aren’t too picky about your instructors credentials, or check them before booking. Also if you are highly interested in meditation this place may help you deepen your focus.


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