Yoga Retreat Montana

Montana is known for it's down home country feel, it's great big sky, mountains and fresh air. The perfect place for a quick yoga get-away. If you're looking for a yoga retreat in Montana you might expect to go horseback riding, because horse back riding in Montana is like surfing in Costa Rica- it's their favorite pastime! All three yoga retreats Montana listed below have horseback riding options available.

Yoga Retreat Montana:
Big Sky Yoga Retreats/ Cowgirl Yoga

Well if you haven’t heard of Big Sky Yoga Retreats you haven’t been reading any of the top retreats lists in the United States and even worldwide. In my research I’ve come across them numerous times and I’m pleased to say I’ve added this Montana Yoga retreat to my personal top ten list. They’ve been added to LuLulemon’s rad retreats around the world, too. Most of their success can be attributed to their very unique combo of yoga and horseback riding retreats for women, although not all of their retreats offer horseback riding. Other retreats include hiking and others include photography cutely named Yogatography!

Their retreats are typically  3 or 4  days long and begin at 5pm on the Thursday. The accommodations are always top notch and lovely. They offer an optional add on all day ride the day after the retreat.

Reviews: No reviews exist on tripadvisor or the like for Big Sky Yoga Retreats yet. However the Double T River Ranch (their accommodations) have 1 review on tripadvisor and it’s rated excellent. Very rustic and old fashioned, but yet has electricity to power cell phones and lights.

Prices: $1695USD to $1995USD for three nights accommodations. Includes all your meals, yoga classes and activities. Some retreats they even throw in a couple glasses of wine and a massage.

Go if here if: You like the idea of horseback riding and yoga retreats combined in one, cause this is their specialty. Upscale accommodations. If you want to experience what the yoga community raves about then try this one.

Yoga Retreat Montana:
Molten Wellness and Adventure

Named appropriately this company provides Montana yoga retreats that combine yoga and adventures like trail running, horseback riding, or winter adventures like snow shoeing, cross country skiing or downhill skiing at Big Sky Ski Resort- America’s biggest ski resort. The retreats run over a weekend, typically with arrival time being 3pm on Thursday and departure is Sunday at noon. They have a couple of venues they use for accommodations being the  Big Sky Ski Resort and Diamond J Ranch.

Reviews: Big Sky Ski Resort has good reviews on tripadvisor sitting at 90%. The views, clean rooms and welcoming staff top the list of pros. Because it’s a ski resort most of the reviews deal with that, so just be sure to check conditions before heading out and don’t assume the a reduction in price if conditions aren’t great.

Diamond J Ranch: no reviews available yet, and not to be confused with the Diamond J Ranch in Colorado.

Yoga Retreat Montana:

Feathered Pipe Ranch

This retreat center hosts much more than just yoga retreats and also organizes retreats outside of their home location in Helena Montana. An interesting tidbit of info here is the owners of the feathered Pipe Ranch founded Yoga Journal- yup the Yoga Journal. So they know their yoga! Accommodations are pretty neat choosing from a yurt, tent or  teepee.  Here they have organized retreats or you can book your own personal retreat. Because you’re located right in the Rocky Mountains and on a lake the activities are abundant. Hiking, horseback riding (organized by their next door neighbour and not included in price) canoeing and an excursion into Helena.

Dates: They host organized yoga retreats from June until September or you can book in for a personal retreat

Prices: The organized retreats vary a lot depending on who the instructor is but generally they start at $169, with some being a little more expensive. They are typically 6 days long and include 6 nights accommodation and all meals. Personal retreats: $185 per day to $300 per day.

Reviews: one great review on Yelp. It has also been listed  as one of the top retreats by outside online.

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