Sherya Yoga Retreat India:

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

This yoga retreat India, my friends, is the ultimate! Hundreds of people have written reviews that are absolutely glowing. It sits atop almost every top ten yoga retreats list I can find. Let's get to why....

With a location that’s easy to get to and peaceful at the same time this yoga holiday would be tough to beat. Taking a quick look at their website things are uncomplicated and simple. You can stay for with either 3, 5, 7 or 14 days in a garden or pool side cottage. Prices for this type of luxury seem pretty reasonable at 250 to 350 per night per person, but it includes everything. All the meals are carefully prepared to your liking, a massage treatment, a one on one yoga class, plus the group daily yoga classes. The classes take place in a gorgeous open air, but covered building perfect for focusing the mind while relaxing and opening the body. The longer stay includes cooking classes, wellness consultations, and an excursion into town and more. It’s no wonder this tops many best of yoga retreat lists. There are many, many five out of 5 reviews, that had nothing but glowing gratitude towards their stay here. 

At most yoga retreats the Karma yoga (where you willingly and selflessly provide service out of love) you are servicing the retreat center, ie. washing dishes, cleaning etc. Not here, if you wish to partake in Karma Yoga you serve food to the orphans in town. What an amazing experience to connect to a community! Now that’s what I call Karma Yoga. 

Let's not forget to mention, the size of this yoga retreat India! It only has 12 rooms, now you can fit more than one person per room but still. This is NOT a large yoga factory. 

Type of yoga: Ashtanga style and Hatha. Most of the reviews describe the yoga as authentic and genuine. The instructors take the time to make everyone comfortable. After class they make time for guests questions on spirituality and yoga philosophy.

Child minding available: no

Other Activities (other than yoga): cooking classes, excursions, massage treatments, ayurvedic treatments, walk the peaceful trails, karma yoga excursions.

Cost: $250-350 per person per night, in USD. No it's not cheap, but trust me on this one... It's well worth it.

Accommodations: Its described as the perfect blend of an ashram but with the modern comforts. It's situated on a 25 acre land. Peaceful walking trails take you amongst the onsite organic garden. You can even lend a hand and learn from the farmers! The rooms are simple but elegant. This simplicity keeps your mind focused on your inner journey, but the amenities ensure your comfort.

Are Non Yogi partners welcome: they might be a little bored if they don’t want to participate. There is a strong focus on yoga and all yoga processes. These people love their yoga and who can blame them?

Staff/ Customer Service: This is truly what sets Shreya apart from the other yoga retreats India. The energy the staff creates is peaceful and caring. Every guest is extremely well taken care of. From customized yoga, pranayama exercises and mediation to the fresh towels waiting with your driver at the airport. The employees at this yoga retreat India are happy. Maybe it's because they are welcome to join in the yoga and mediation classes! The staff here treat every single guest like royalty. 

Food: All inclusive and outstanding! Vegetarian/vegan (no eggs!) After your detailed consultations with a naturopath and ayurvedic doctor they tailor make your meals based on what needs you have and what your taste buds love! The chefs prepare your choice of meals and spice just how you like it. Amazing care and attention here. Please note that alcohol is not served, and is actually prohibited at this retreat. Ahhhh finally a true yoga retreat that lends itself to luxury.

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Shreya Yoga Retreat India Reviews:

Honestly I don't know what else to tell you, other than GO! The ratings are insanely high at 98% on tripadvisor. On facebook they're only poor ratings are clearly fake.... This is it, people. Go and then email me to tell me how much you loved it!

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