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Yoga Retreat Free Advertising

The Rules

1. Do write unique content, and do NOT copy from your website. We cannot publish copied material. Duplicate content hurts your google ranking.  Your website and mine will not appear in google searches. Duplicate content hurts your SEO.

2. Please follow the prompts. If you can't follow the prompts we can't publish your retreat. 

3. Please leave the text in the square [ brackets ], do NOT delete anything in square brackets. Do not put your answers in the square brackets

4. Pictures need to be LESS than 99kb. If they are not, your submission will indicate it went through no problem but it won't work and it end up in never never land and no one will see your retreat listing!

5. There is a $40USD for any edits. This is includes a deletion and resubmission. Please check your listing details before submitting. If you have a great listing with unique content, great unique photos we are willing to do one update per year at no charge.

Need a little guidance marketing your yoga retreat? We have a solution! 

An ebook- Your Yoga Retreat Online Marketing Guidebook for only $4.99

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