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Lulu Lemon's Unmat

2 out of 10

I hate this mat. Sorry for using such a strong word but it's true. This is the Lulu Lemon's version of a 3mm yoga mat. After buying their thicker version of a mat, I had to try something else and this is what I settled on. After spending $68 on a yoga mat I thought I'd be super happy with it... No dice.

This mat is SUPER SUPER SUPER sticky. Everything sticks to this mat- even my skin! My mat looks like it's covered in white dust after my practice... it's really my skin. Every speck of dirt and grime near my mat ends up making my mat look filthy. Wash it you say? Good luck! Nothing gets the dirt off this mat.

An Ashtanga jump thru when my foot brushes the mat on the way through- hurts big time. If my foot barely brushes the surface of this mat it grabs my foot, twists it and it burns!!  Caution do not expect to slide AT ALL on this mat. Everything catches on this mat. Some people really need something super sticky but this is way beyond. I need a tiny bit of give and this just doesn't have it. I think this mat would be good for Bikram or super hot yoga because even when it's wet with sweat it still provides so stick.

I did like how thin it was though. I enjoy feeling my feet on the floor but there are FAR better 3mm yoga mats out there and I'm on a mission to find the perfect one. If you're wondering what the 2 out of 10 points are for it's the thin feel of it. 

I am done buying mats from Lulu Lemon... I thought it would be quality, but its just expensive. Second Lulu lemon Yoga mat fail. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I won't be fooled again!

I forgot to take photos of this and now it's too late. I wanted to show everyone all the dirt it's stained with that would NOT come off. I scrubbed this yoga mat over and over and to no avail. Finally this morning I donated it to a charity. I hope someone else can love this mat. But I certainly can't.

I'm not putting a link to their website, I don't want you to waste your money either.

Side Note: I do usually like LuLulemon products. I'm not one the bashers. If they make a good product, despite all the terrible media they've been getting, I will buy it. I have many pieces of clothing from there and loove them, but this and my last yoga mat from them sucks big time. No more Lululemon mats for me. Come one Lulu get it together! Do you even practice yoga? Argh.

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