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D belt

Overall experience: 3/10
Product itself: 4/10 
Customer service: 2/10

Well I had high hopes for this product. I hate carrying a purse but in the summer when I'm without a jacket (and therefore without lots of pockets) I need something to carry a phone, keys and id/a few cards. The idea of this is ingenious! The functionality of a fanny pack but a good looking flat belt.

Customer Service: Unfortunately it fell a little short for me though. I had some issues when ordering. I wanted it to fit around my hips and because they were so new at the time they didn't have a sizing chart available and no one could tell me if the listed sizes were to fit over the hips or waist... Bummer cause I ended up ordering a large, cause this girl has a booty! It would have been nice to get an answer to all my emails and someone could have guided me to the right size.

Customer Service rating: 2/10

Fit: Unfortunately, it does fit around my hips, but when I try to do any activity besides a light walk it ends up sliding up towards my waist and then bouncing around while I'm trying to run. I guess it's a little too big. Not very cool at all. Maybe a size smaller would have helped it stay put. Maybe a different fabric would have helped it stay put. But either way if you have a curvy body and want something to use while running either order a much tighter fit or forget this product altogether. Or get a size to fit around waist. 

On the other hand for travelling I think this product would be handy. A light walk, a casual lunch or a shopping trip this dbelt would be very nice. It will however ride up if you have a curve and you'll be constantly adjusting it. The only thing I wouldn't love about this if I were to wear it out on the town, is the little Dbelt symbol in the back. Ya its a logo and I understand companies need brand recognition but I just didn't like the red on black big lettering telling the whole world you're wearing a modified fanny pack. Something inconspicuous and fashionable would be much much better. I guess their logo just isn't very pretty.

Pockets fit: Huge problem here. The pockets don't fit my phone!! Infact the pockets are so small it wouldn't fit any of todays model of phone. Maybe an iphone 3 or an ipod or something but if you have a newish phone forget fitting it in these pockets.

Fit rating: 1/10

The fabric: Well like I said it slides on active wear fabric, so I think thats a fail. The other huge note is this belt is fastened with velcro. I thought oh what a great idea, until.... it got caught on my tights, then it pulled and ruined the fabric! Crap, cause I was wearing my favorite pair of yoga pants! Do not let this product anywhere near your active wear. Or any fabric other the denim (maybe). Anything nice that can be easily pulled will be ruined by it. Not only did it get caught once, but three times, and once while I had it on when I bent over, wrinkled the fabric and BAM! caught again. So frustrated at this point. 

For my workouts I'm sticking with the belt I got for teaching aerobics in 1998, its neoprene and so it stays put and fits my iPhone perfectly, Unfortunately I have no clue where I got it, but I use that thing everyday! Until I can find something a little more fashionable and functional I have nothing to recommend.

Fabric rating: 0/10

If you'd like to try it yourself here's the link, but my advice to not waste your money and risk your active wear being eatten by the velcro:

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