Yoga and Horseback Riding Retreat

What a great combo! Horseback riding and yoga go together really really well. The benefits of yoga will strengthen your skills as a rider. A little nature and adventure is the perfect get away for me. Hopefully this list helps you choose the perfect yoga horseback riding retreat. 

Yoga Horseback Riding Retreat:

Yoga at Macalla Farm/Clare Island Yoga Retreat Center
Clare Island, Ireland
Ongoing Year round
120 Euros/day

This Yoga Retreat Center is a little tough to get to, but worth it in the end! It's an Eco-Retreat with horseback riding and yoga together! What a great combo! Two lovely hosts/instructors to help you along your yoga path...

Molten Wellness and Adventure

Montana, USA

June 6-8th, 2014
August 29-31st, 2014
October 3-5th, 2014 

Named appropriately this company provides Montana yoga retreats that combine yoga and adventures like trail running, horseback riding, or winter adventures like snow shoeing, cross country skiing ...keep reading!

Big Sky Yoga Retreats/ Cowgirl Yoga

Montana, USA

Various to choose from

Well if you haven’t heard of Big Sky Yoga Retreats you haven’t been reading any of the top retreats lists in the United States and even worldwide...keep reading!

The Home Ranch

Colorado USA

Dates: May 18-24th, 2014 May 25th-31st, 2014 October 5-11th, 2014 October 12-18th, 2014

This is a dude ranch in the middle of the mountains. With an old fashion flare but with all the modern amenities...keep reading!

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