Yoga Holidays Thailand

There's such a huge variety of yoga holidays Thailand available! Everything from the budget yoga holidays to the most luxurious and expense yoga holidays! 

If you're doing a tour of Thailand I highly recommend these yoga holidays Thailand just listed on the right here. I'm a big believer in Ashtanga yoga and know this place is authentic and teach all aspects of Ashtanga yoga, not just the asanas. It's definitely not for someone who is looking for a highly luxurious spa like resort yoga holiday Thailand, but you can find that below.

There are so many activities to enjoy in Thailand I recommend doing a retreat that offers more than just yoga. 

Personally I enjoy a smaller retreat where I can get to know the hosts and connect with the other guests. But if you're into a more private setting in a resort that caters to yogi's Thai land has that too.

More Yoga Holidays Thailand:

Island Yoga Retreats and Vacations

Koh Yoa Noi (an Island), Thailand

ongoing retreat center

Kayaking or climbing take your pick at these yoga holidays Thailand. This retreat is for the adventurous and the value seeker. Your hosts are a Thai family so a cultural experience is part of the deal...keep reading!

Marga Yoga
Koh Samui, Thailand

Marga Yoga is a centre for those looking for a way to restore balance and to bring harmony to their life. Marga means “the path” and it refers to the spiritual path.... more details!

Samahita Yoga Retreat Center

Ko Samui, Thailand

ongoing retreat center

This place is famous for it's legendary instructors they draw from all corners of the globe. It's a small place and a little busy so be warned...keep reading!


Koh Samui, Thailand 


Approximately $205-$1150

Luxury spa, ayurvedic, yoga retreats Thailand...keep reading!

The Yoga Retreat

Koh Phangan


about $50 per night

A small retreat where none yoga participants aren't welcome so it strengthens your sense of community and builds solid friendships with like minded people....keep reading!

The Sanctuary

Koh Pangan, Thailand


This is the place to go if you like to party and do yoga alll combined in one!...keep reading!

Blooming Lotus

Koh Pangan, Thailand

many dates available

about $80 per night

Blooming lotus is known for it's affordability, but it also has incredible ratings...keep reading!

Vikasa Evolution of Yoga

Koh Samui, Thailand

ongoing flexible start times

about $70-$150 per night

Comfortable accommodations, strong focus on yoga and views from high above... keep reading!

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