Yoga Holidays Thailand:
The Yoga Retreat
Koh Phangan, Thailand

These yoga holidays Thailand are small (only 9 rooms) and basic, with a strong focus on yoga and self healing. It’s a ten minute drive to the beach and all amenities that Thailand has to offer. They have a restaurant open serving traditional Thai food but also a few comforts of home. The accommodations are only for participants of the yoga retreats so you’ll feel right at home. Not all accommodations have an ensuite so be sure to reserve early if it’s a must for you. They have 5, 10, 14 and 30 day packages to suit many different budgets. They do a few different types of retreats too, one of them being a detox retreat. Note that Koh Phangan is definitely a party island, however The Yoga Retreat is located on the opposite side of the island. So don't fret peace and tranquility are possible at these yoga holidays Thailand!


dates: ongoing with flexible start dates

Prices:  Their pricing system is a little complex as it has many extras that are not automatically included- which is great if you don’t want to attend every option. Basically the range is about 1500  THB (about $48 USD) to 1800 THB (about $56 USD)  per person per night, includes a breakfast and many yoga classes


Go here is you’re looking for: a strong focus on yoga, a small group of like minded people so you can make good lasting connections, and affordability.

Yoga Holidays Thailand Reviews:
The Yoga Retreat, Koh Phangan

Although there are no general rating ie a percentage based system on this there is alot of information if you're willing to dig a little bit. First of there used to be an instructor at The Yoga Retreat who turned the vibe very negative- many people complained and this instructor is no longer teaching here. They do focus alot on detox. Accommodations are simple, showers only run cold water from the river though. The food is said to be great. Host Kes and Teresa are welcoming. Know before you go: they do advertise that they teach Ashtanga classes, specfically Mysore classes. However as of July 2014 there is no mention of them being certified from the Sri K Pattabhi Jois Institute in Mysore. On guest was not impressed with the quality of instruction as one student was hurt during class. Warning: before you go have a clear understanding of Ashtanga mysore classes are and be well into a personal practice so you know your boundaries and can stick to them.

Their website:

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