Yoga Detox Retreats

Yoga Detox Retreats:
Sally Parks Yoga


Sally Parks Yoga run several  yoga detox retreats per year in the UK. Some of them taking place at the Tilton house which you can read about on our UK yoga retreats page. They have also added what is called a luxury venue- Brooklands Barn located in Arundel, West Sussex with its spacious rooms and are recently redecorated. The Marsh farm house is also one of their venues which seems to run for a little less cost per retreat. During some of these retreats you’ll also be treated to Pilates- although there is no need to have previous Pilates experience. These yoga detox retreats are considered weight loss retreat too, so expect some results.  Running over the weekend these cleansing retreats begin on Friday with a yoga class and dinner, Saturday you’ll have two yoga classes and a Pilates class and even some free time and meals. The late 3pm departure on Sunday allows for a yoga class, pilates class and of course breakfast and lunch.

Cost: £277-£387

dates: various, approximately 1, 3 day retreat per month over a weekend.

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