Yoga Retreats India:
Yoga Ahsram Rishikesh

Dates: ongoing

If you're looking to really experience the culture of India you might want to consider these yoga retreats India.

Every morning all the residents of this ashram gather round for the morning prayer and meditation. Then every evening you'll gather for a special light ceremony. A very wide variety of retreats are available for you: 

Body Balancing Retreats

Weight Management Retreats

Rejuvenate and Revitalise

Yoga and Spa Retreat

Detox/juice fasting retreat

Spine Therapy

Teacher Training


a tailormade retreat just for you.

Prices are not listed on their website rather you need to submit an inquiry to get estimates. I’m sorry I really don’t like that…

Many of their retreats include things like a ayurvedic medicine assessment, life coaching, colon cleansing.

They also offer yoga travel tours too!

No reviews available.

In fact it was very difficult to find ANYTHING on these particular yoga retreats India. It seems they have a handle on search engine optimization with their website name. However there are so many ashrams in Rishikesh many of which you can find ratings and objective information. However this one came up with nothing but their own website.

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