TipiValley Eco Yoga and Surf Retreats

Tucked away in Nature these yoga and surf retreats don't aspire to luxury, instead simple yet comfy and fun!

Aljezur, Portugal

Ongoing May to October

Prices: 5 day package includes surf lessons, 2 daily yoga classes, 3 meals per day and all snacks- 695-810 Euros, depending on time of year and sharing options. High season is June to September.

Accommodations: Simple living is the goal here so don’t be surprised by the basic tipi for accommodations, it is after all called Tipi Valley!! Here the focus is on yoga and surfing not luxury and being as pampered as one could possibly be. The valley is secluded and very quiet. It’s not the place for computers, radios or loud music, as they don’t even have an office here! This is a place to get away from all that. Accommodations can be shared or private. The tipi's are comfortable with lots of room and real, comfortable beds. You are in the woods though so be prepared!

Other Activities: Other activities nearby include horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, sailing, wakeboarding and more.

The schedule:Awake for the morning yoga session starting at 8 and running until 9am. 10am heading to the beach for your surf classes running until 1pm. Free time is alotted after a pinic lunch to continue surfing or whatever you feel like doing. At 4:30pm you'll be heading back to the retreat center and free to lounge until an evening restorative yoga class starts at 6pm. Dinner is served at 7:30pm  

Yoga and Surf retreats Reviews:

Review Summary for Tipi Valley Eco Yoga and Surf retreats:

The setting is gorgeous and you'll find peace here if you're not expecting a 5 star resort. Remember you are in the woods here so be prepared for mosquitoes and no wifi! Also come prepared for rain, as one review said Tipi Valley is not adequately set up to continue running yoga and outdoor dining in the rain- and yes it does rain here! The food is described as delicious by all accounts and much of it is supplied by their onsite organic garden. The quality of instruction for both the surfing and yoga is great, especially if you're a beginner. One review was disappointed the yoga wasn't more advanced. Another tip is to be prepared to pay for a taxi on the last day instead of taking the early morning bus- as there are still activities running and you won't want to miss out. 

Their Website: http://www.surfalgarve.com/

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