Yoga and meditation travel tours:

What a great way to explore the globe! All of the tours listed below include an experienced guide with many visits to cultural points of interest. All these yoga and meditation travel tours

have yoga and meditation classes in the intinerary, some more than others. Naturally, alot of the tours take place in India being it is the birth place of yoga!

Damask Rose Tours

If you’re interested in touring India, want to take in some yoga while travelling this may be a good option for you. This is a 16 day organized tour with a few days in each stop along the way. There will be visits to various cultural sites and ashrams, many interesting things to see along the way. There is a strong focus here on yoga in comparison to other yoga and meditation travel tours


Size: Minimum 8 and max 12.

Go here if: you’re serious about keeping a solid practice while travelling.

Yoga Ashram Rishikesh
Goa, India

This company organizes many different tours and despite the name of the company not all of the tours include yoga. They do run a regular ongoing ashram if you’re interested please see our Goa page as I’ve added them there.

The yoga and meditation travel tours they run are called Trek Yoga and are  8 days long. During the eight days you’ll do lots of yoga and visit:


Agra (Taj Mahal)






Although there is alot of driving it, there is also time for rest, relaxation, yoga and meditation.

Spirit Tours

This is a tour company with an option for a yoga holiday tour in Bali. Although the yoga may not be hardcore and totally committed as it’s listed a yoga or light stretching- it is done daily along with Tai Chi. These tours sell out very quickly as their dates listed above have already sold out but we are anxiously awaiting new tour dates. With a very experienced guide you’ll get to see many cultural points of interest and truely get a sense of what authentic Bali is all about. The setting is amongst the luxury hotels of Bali.

Go here if: you’re looking for a tour based on culture with luxury accommodations, with daily light yoga

Trinetra Tours

It doesn’t look like there is daily yoga and meditation on these yoga and meditation tours, rather a few large blocks of time set aside for you to practice and discuss yoga. The rest of the time is spent exploring India. Complete with an elephant ride, dinner with an Indian family, an air conditioned car for touring this yoga holiday tour looks like fun.

Mind, Body, Spirit Tour

Price: starts at $2299 USD, single supplement $865 USD

Dates: no specific dates listed, just indicates various dates available.

Again here we have a tour company offering yoga and meditation travel tours. This company is based in Canada offering tours all over the world. Specifically for yogini's they offer a 13 night/14 days tour in India for 8 women. You will have the chance to visit: Delhi, Rishikesh, Nalagarh, Dharamshala , Amritsar, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Agra and Delhi again for departure. You’ll visit many historical point of interest including the Taj Mahal, practice yoga on the banks of the Ganges River, and many other amazing experiences. Price includes daily buffet breakfast, yoga classes and entrances to many of the excursions.

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