Yoga Meditation Retreats Essex:
The Retreat Farm Holistic Living Center

These yoga meditation retreats Essex, provide a peaceful place to come in the Chelmer. They host many different types of workshops and therapists in all sorts of therapies. The accommodations are simple tipi or your own site for camping in either an RV or tent.  Generally the workshops are over the weekend and many are run by Allison from Inspire Yoga. Allsion has many years of personal experience with yoga and is passionate about making yoga accessible to all people and help them give up the fight with their bodies. One of the main draws here are the many different treatment rooms and types of treatments you can access here.  Massage therapy, hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, aromatherapy are just a few!

Dates: ongoing retreat center with workshops and retreat weekends

Prices: Each Retreat is priced differently and include different arrangements for food and such. For accommodations only in the tipi it’s £20 and shared with 2-6 people. They also have sites available for your own RV too at £5.50 per adult per night and 2.50 for children.

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