Thailand Yoga Retreats:
The Sanctuary
Koh Phangan, Thailand

Most of the accommodations in these Thailand yoga retreats are open air, so you must be ok with the occassional bug! This seems to be quite a large place, which enables them to accommodate many different types of yoga and workshops. For example they do teacher trainings, thai massage courses, weddings, detox retreats, have an onsite spa, and lastly a onsite restaurant catering to patrons outside the resort as well. They have a wide variety of healing therapies available for you to try so bring you open mindedness. There is a strong focus on detox here and they even have detox specific rooms, set up for colonics. The also have dorm style rooms if that fits your budget too.


These people know how to party. There is an unofficial dance party every friday night from 11pm to 11am Satruday morning. If you're a light sleeper or not into partying please take this into consideration. 




Reviews: uh oh, this has one of the lowest ratings I’ve ever seen for a yoga retreat. It  only sits  at 81.5% and alot of the low ratings have been recent. The staff seems extremely laid back and perhaps a little unprofessional. But many reviewers were very happy with the many activities and programs they offer. Good food and nice beach.

Go here if you’re looking for: a very vibrant, party like, 20 something orientated large retreat center with lots of classes and participants.

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