Thailand Yoga Retreats:
Koh Samui, Thailand

dates: Ongoing Thailand Yoga Retreats


6500-36100 THB per room per night, (about $205-$1,150USD) per night,

- does not include food, some spa treatments, airport transfers and most activities.

This is a self proclaimed luxury wellness sanctuary and holistic spa resort. This center was built around an old buddhist monk cave and thus gives its a nice calm and peaceful vibe. They offer much more than just yoga- including detoxing, weight loss, fitness, stress and burnout retreats. It's a short walk to the beach and lush Thai jungle surrounding you. Most packages come with a inital consultation and ongoing complimentary yoga and fitness classes. Kamalaya has been named Thai's best spa and an very popular destination spa. They offer an abundance of different kinds of massages alone! Even though its run like a resort there is still a large focus on yoga and not just asana practice- things like pranayama and mediatation are part of your treatment plans for de-stressing and detoxing. Even though they offer many activities to do, it's entirely up to you how much you want to particpate in.You can relax while gazing at the ocean or participate in a tough workout, the choice is yours. 

Go here if you’re looking for: a chance to meet different people, great spa/ayurvedic treatments and luxury accommodations

Thailand Yoga Retreats Reviews;

Reviews: It sits at 92% which is a little below the average yoga retreat that I have come across, however that is still very high! Reviewers love: the views especially at sunrise and sunset, food is good and very very healthy, 2 morning and 2 evening yoga classes offered are good although the instructors struggle a little bit with English, a favorite of solo travellers is the communal table- makes it very easy for socializing. Please note that a lot of the negative reviews are pretty old and guests were unaware of the type of resort this is. It is definitely about detox and very healthy food, so if you're looking for an all you can eat buffet this is definitely not for you! They take diet very seriously and expect you do as well. People do come here to heal from different maladies.

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