Yoga Holidays Italy:
Sunflower Retreats
Casperia, Italy


This company has been on the map for 14 years now and still going strong. They have three different accommodations that can be shared or private. There is an option for private bathrooms as well. They host many different yoga instructors. Their yoga shala is an open air

platform if weather permitting or a custom built indoor yoga studio.  They do provide breakfast every morning and then you are free to go and enjoy the local restaurants. Some evenings they arrange transport to authentic Italian restaurants or festivals for a small fee. There is also an option for 25 pounds to participate in their arrival and departure meals. (They may be able to accommodate special diets). The yoga classes Friday through Tuesday mornings with additional classes in the afternoon (sometimes focusing on meditation or another branch of the yoga philosophy) for an additional cost of 10 pounds. If you’re travelling solo this is a great place to stay, you’ll meet many other like minded people.


Out of 16 reviews there are 12 excellent and 3 very good and 1 average. According to the reviews they are an accommodating company, encouraging people to just ask for whatever they need.


Type of yoga: depends on the instructor.  They have 10 different instructors and they all have their own focus.

Child minding available: no

Other Activities (other than yoga)? Tonnes of activities and the retreat staff are there to help you plan your day every morning!

-Holistic treatments

-They organize outings to the wild thermal and hot springs one evening during the week.

-Explore the Italian culture in the local restaurants.

-Free use of bicycles to go adventuring.

-horseback riding

-mountain treks, free guided treks on Sunday

-water color classes

-Salsa dancing

-cooking classes

-olive picking


Cost 500-820: pounds per week, Lots of activities included (mountain trek and evening hot spring visit) but some like horsebackriding are not.

 Non Yogi partners welcome? Absolutely

Food: Breakfast included.

Arrival and departure meals available at 25 pound extra cost

 Dates: on going. If you’d like a specific instructor please inquire before booking.


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