Yoga Retreats Canada:
Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre
90 minutes from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dates: different retreats and events every week, daily classes Mon - Fri with teachers on site

Cost: $139 - $ 185 per day depending on program, meals, length of stay etc. Each retreat we host is priced by the facilitator and varies from $325 - $600 for a weekend incl all meals, accommodation and program

The centre is in the middle of a beautiful forest, surrounded by meadows and rolling hills. The 150 acre property is surrounded by 3000 acres of provincial land and has lots of hiking/skiing trails.

The nature of the retreats we host varies from one week to the next and may be world music or pure yoga. Every retreat has the benefit of the peacefulness of the space. Most retreats include all meals and accommodation with the guest facilitator setting the schedules and planning the program for their event.

Description of Accommodations: Cozy cabins host our guests. They're very simple and very comfortable. Each has 4 beds and with group retreats accommodation is usually shared. Individuals can also book a private cabin or semi-private if they're with a friend. Each cabin is within sight of the main centre where the washrooms are located. Cabins intentionally have no plumbing which encourages a greater sense of community because everyone shares the washroom space. Showers etc. are private, but shared with the group.

How long has the retreat company been operating? 6 years

Instructor Name and Bio: Liz & Kurt Frost are your hosts but each retreat and daily classes have different teachers.

There are 6 teachers who work on site from Mon - Fri and every weekend a guest teacher is facilitating.

Primary type of yoga? Hatha and vinyasa during the week, but guest teachers may have a specialization e.g. kundalini, ashtanga, restorative, etc.

Secondary types of yoga?: We offer other classes such as kickboxing, zumba, nia, and sometimes have guest teachers for a few months offering kundalini, Hidden Language of Yoga, and more.

Is there childminding available?: yes - if prearranged before your stay

Please list everything included in the cost? Usually accommodation, meals and retreat program are all included in the cost for a retreat. Individual retreats can also be arranged and the cost will vary depending on the number of meals wanted and the length of stay. A studio class pass can be purchased or a drop-in fee can be paid depending on how many classes you want to participate in.

Please list anything NOT included in cost, including optional activities available in the area:

Within a 10 minute drive of the centre you could explore many interesting places and plan activities you could enjoy: horseback riding, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, historical and cultural sites such as Sainte Marie Among the Hurons, Martyr's Shrine, Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre; Miss Midland Boat Cruise in Georgian Bay; great shops and restaurants in the Town of Midland (10 minute drive)

Sample Daily Schedule: every day is different but we post a weekly class schedule on our website and we have an ongoing calendar of events which changes every week depending on the retreat being hosted

Are Non-Yoga partners welcome?: of course!

FOOD: what is included and what type of food is it?: Yummee! It's all vegetarian and usually vegan and gluten free. We use organic and local ingredients where possible. We're part of the Huronia Food Trail which supports local organic farmers. We make maple syrup on site and it's always there for breakfast. Meals are served in a buffet style with lots of options.

Do they serve alcohol at this retreat?: Nope but you can bring your own.

Size: What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?: 1 - 40. To book a group retreat here our minimum is 15 people but individuals are welcome to come and create their own unique getaway.

Instructions for getting there:: You'll find driving directions, or bus or airport shuttle info on our website.

Your website or contact info:

Reviews: Sugar Ridge Resort sits at a solid 90% on tripadvisor.  The main comments  noted the cleanliness, comfort, and simplistic is a positive way. Bathrooms are located in the main lodge and thus the cabins don’t have ensuite bathrooms. They are very pet friendly and encourage a place of rest and relaxation. The negatives were a few miscommunications between guests and the host Liz. Ask for clarification on issues and you should be fine.

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