Sri Lanka Yoga Holidays 

Sri Lanka Yoga Holidays:

Bring your surf board on these Sri Lanka yoga holidays as many of the listed retreats include surfing! There are many retreats listed here complete with reviews. There are a few ongoing retreats and then also some organized retreats with travelling instructors.

Company: Villa De ZoysaBoossa

Location: Pitiwella, Sri Lanka

Dates: ongoing

The only Sri Lanka Yoga Holidays operating 365 days per year. Reviews: Only has 19 reviews thus far, but it sits at 92% which is outstanding! It was said it was a very relaxed place even for non yogi partners. They do have a couple of dogs that are allowed to wander free amongst the grounds and greet all the guests (very common in India and Sri Lanka) so if you are afriad of dogs or have strong dislike of them be warned, but most of the guests really like the dogs. The owners are wonderful hosts, very warm and make you feel at home.

Ulpotha Retreat
Embogama, Sri Lanka

dates: ongoing

Reviews: These Sri Lanka yoga holidays have a great 93% out of 64 reviews, 54 rated them excellent. And they have never recieved a terrible rating. Know what you're getting into though! This place has no hot water and no electricity, so it's a rustic earth friendly get away from it all place. the bathrooms are a bit of a walk, so in the dark with no lights getting to the bathroom can be an adventure! The food has been raved about, even on the reviews that weren't all that positive. This place is heaven for someone who wants to be close to nature and meet some like minded people.

Barberyn Resorts 

Kapparatota, Weligama, Sri Lanka


Reviews: This is definitely more of an ayurvedic treatment facility, with great results that can help any condition. Overall rating 87%. Something to note is alot of the guests are regulars that return alot and thus know the staff well. Daily compilmentary excursions. The food is tastey, even if you've been put on a special ayurvedic diet. The rooms have been called basic, but that is what someone who has experience in the ayurvedic way of life would expect. Yoga classes start at 6am!

Barberyn Resorts 

Beruwala, Sri Lanka

ongoing retreat center

50 reviews, 34 are excellent, 8 very good, 5 average, 3 poor. Basically you will enjoy this place if you know Ayurvedic medicine and have experience with it. If you don't, research it and try to understand what you're getting into before you go. The rode to the retreat center is somewhat scary for a few of the guests so be warned. Also, it has been said the Barberyn beach resort has a little more customized ayurvedic programs and more attentive doctors. The food is great for Ayurvedic standards and the location is beautiful. 


Goyambokka, Tangalle, Sri Lanka


Reviews: Very interesting... After doing some digging I find out the Ashtangalanka accommodations are at the Rocky Point Beach Bungalows, but nowhere was that mentioned on the AshtangaLanka website. Perhaps this is the reason: In years past (mostly 2010) the reviews have been absolutely terrible for Rocky Point Beach Bungalows. However, recently in 2013 they have had only excellent ratings. Some of the complaints in the past were dirty rooms, with unclean linens, rude owners. However the reviews from 2013: Quiet and clean with attentive owners- hmmm perhaps there has been a change of owners??? Make sure to ask alot of questions before booking these Sri Lanka yoga holidays.

House of Lotus

Hikkaduwa/Dodanduwa, Dodanduwa, Sri Lanka

ongoing retreat center

Reviews: 11 reviews in total. 7 excellent, 2 very good, 1 average, 1 poor, 0 terrible. Great food, Great rooms, beautiful surroundings. Some of the extras are charged at high rate- ie massages, drinks etc. Some noise from the highway. Only 6 rooms available, so this is great for attention and has your needs met. Beach is close by. Great hosts help you enjoy Sri Lanka.

The Kandy Samadhi Center

Reviews: 113 reviews in total, 83 excellent, 20 very good, 4 average, 3 poor, 3 terrible. It is described as romantic and beautiful. The staff are helpful in arranging activities for the day, it may be expensive to some but worth the cost. It is also decorated with beautiful antiques, as the owner was the Sri Lanka's best antique dealer. Remember you are in the jungle and close to nature, if creepy crawly things (or dogs) frighten you, consider yourself warned! More of a home stay than a hotel. Staff are locals, who bend over backwards to make your stay special but you must ask for what you need.

Soul and Surf Sri Lanka

 Normally based in India this group is trying out Sri Lanka, this Sri Lanka Yoga Holiday doesn't have a location listed. "Private Luxury beachfront Villa's" 

Yoga Jeewaprabha

This company organizes yoga retreats all over Sri Lanka, making all the arrangements and teaching yoga.

 Reviews: Oh dear. There are only five reviews and there are not positive at all. Although, there seems to be some confusion, as it seemed from what I could translate it was mixed up with some reviews on a national park in Sri Lanka.

 The website is a little difficult to understand and I had a hard time gathering the grasp of what these people do.

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