Spafari Yoga Retreats Bali

Spafari Yoga Retreats Bali is a company that hosts tour all over the world and they happen to be doing 8-14 Day Scheduled or Custom trips are offered in March, April, May and September. Every morning begins with yoga and meditation, then you’re off to hike rice fields, see all the wonders of the Balinese culture.

Company Name: Spafari

Name of yoga retreat: Spafari in Bali

Dates: April- May, September. The website doesn't indicate actual dates or the length of the tour. These are custom adventures. 

City: Various Country: Bali Indonesia

Cost/Price: Starts at $4550 for double occupancy. $6050 for single occupancy

Description of the Retreat: Sapfari retreats focus on amazing hikes and local knowledge and culture. You'll visit real families living in Bali, trek up into the mountains, swim next to a waterfall, snorkel in the blue ocean waters, visit local artists, explore religious temples, atend puppet shows, dance and musical performances. Wow this touring retreat really has it all! 

Accommodations: "Choice accommodations" described as deluxe luxury. Garden and beach hotels and exotic private sanctuary.

Instructor name and bio: Kristina Hurrell is a globe trotter who has found the perfect mix of adventure with pampering. Creating Spafari has been a labor of love with over twenty five years of research, bringing you the trip of a lifetime. Kristina is a well known personal life coach too so you don't have to leave the benefits of the Spafari yoga retreat Bali- you can hire her as a coach when you get home! She's been featured in several magazines and articles. Trying to sum up her work will look something like this: Adding health, joy and love into your life by focusing on the moment, using kindness and compassion to bring about the life you've always wanted.

Is there childminding available? No

What's included in the cost of the retreat: Fancy accommodations, organic freshly prepared local foods, massages, all guided excursions.

What's not included in retreat cost:
travel insurance
- airfare to Bali

Are non-yoga partners welcome? yes but you are asked to participate fully in the programs to obtain maximum benefit.

Food whats included in the cost and what type of food is it? A very large focus of this retreat is health and eatting to maximize that. Think the "zone" or low carbohydrate diet. Fresh, organic, local fruits and veggies with protein from meat and tofu. Salads, legumes, freshly caught fish and local chicken.

Do they serve alcohol? Actually sugar, caffeine and alcohol are not served at this retreat, however you are free to obtain it yourself but just asked to do so away from other guests that are participating in the cleanse.

Number of Participants: Small intimate groups.

Daily schedule: 
-Early morning yoga and mediation
-Daily excursions
-Retire at the end of the day with a massage


contact email:

Spafari Yoga Retreats Reviews:

Unfortunately there are no objective reviews for Spafari Yoga Retreats. I can only find glowing testimonials on their website. They don't have a facebook page and no one has written a review on google for them, nor do they have any trip advisor reviews....

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