Sivananda Yoga Retreats India

There are three Sivananda Yoga Retreats India locations:

a. Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

b. Uttarakhand, Himalayas

c. Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India

Understanding Sivananda Yoga would be the first step in figuring out whether you want to go to Sivananda Yoga Retreats India! If you don’t already know Sivananda Yoga is a more relaxing and restorative form of yoga in contrast to something like Ashtanga Yoga. The Sivananda Yoga Retreats India is the place for you if you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in Sivananda Yoga. It’s a ashram so there is a strict, mandatory daily schedule, the idea that giving into the routine of a schedule allows an individual to relax fully. This schedule includes yoga classes, silent meditations, lectures on yoga and ayurvedic living, and Karma yoga. The accommodations are plain dormitory style with only twin beds. It’s a no fuss, no frills place. You are here to participate in Yoga!! The retreat is offered year round and there is a 3 night stay minimum. They also offer a teacher training course which is demanding and if you’re staying with them while some of the students are finishing up their last week, it can have a dampening effect on the energy of the place. I would definitely ask before deciding on dates to book whether or not they are at the end phase of the teacher training course. There are a couple of different packages available, whether you want to just stay at the ashram or go out and explore a little of the surrounding area and culture. Accommodations are extremely basic and quite a contrast to the first two retreats listed above!

Type of yoga: Sivananda

Child minding available: no, although some of the Sivanada ashrams have yoga camps for children!

Other Activities (other than yoga):guided trips to explore surrounding area

Cost:  $7-35 usd per night per person, this is the least expensive Yoga Holiday I've found thus far! So I had to put it on the cheap yoga holidays page.

Non Yogi partners welcome: no

Food: 2 vegetarian meals served per day, included in the cost.

Their Website

Sivananda Yoga Retreats India Reviews:

5am morning yoga classes and a strict yet friendly staff make for mixed reviews! It sits at a low 3.5 (or 70%) rating on trip advisor.

The positives: Some people love the structure- ie they don't have to make any decisions! Some people love the chanting, and the simple food. Yoga immersion and traditional Indian practices at it's best.

The negatives: the mediation is said to be prayer time to the hindu gods.... Extremely large classes, like hundreds in the yoga teacher training courses! 

I strongly urge you to read these reviews before making a decision:

Sivananda Yoga Retreat India reviews on trip advisor

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