Sivanada Yoga Retreats:
9 locations worlwide

9 Sivanada Yoga Ashrams- Worldwide

This organization takes the crown for the cheap yoga holidays! The best price I have found yet is the $6/night at the Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India 

Well if you’re looking for cheap yoga holidays, I found the ultimate here for you! Check out the prices for the Indian Sivanada Ashrams! Prices include 2 daily meals, accommodations and 4 daily classes. 

Val Morin, Quebec, Canada starting at $45/night for camping, $55/night for shared indoor


Woodburn, NY, USA $60-$150/night


Grass Valley California, USA $50/night tenting - $285 for the deluxe cabin, see our California page for more info!


Paradise Island, Bahamas $69/night camping- $116/night for beachfront deluxe


Neyyar Dam, Keral, India $8-24/night, please see our India page for details


Netala, Uttarkashi, India $8-9/night, please see our India page for details


Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India $6/night, please see our India page for details


Tyrol, Austria: accommodations via Eco-Hotel, just a short walk away


Orleans, France- 48 Euros to 100 euros, ($65 to $135USD)

All the Ashrams listed above are extremely reasonably priced. Know before you go: You are put on a strict schedule with the idea that releasing oneself to a disciplined schedule enables you to be stress free. There is Karma yoga to complete and they will follow up and make sure it gets completed. Lastly, comfortable modest clothing is the rule here, leave your tight lowcut yoga gear at home. This, my readers, is not a luxury, do as you please yoga vacation but yet a place to immerse yourself in everything yoga. With two daily yoga asana classes and two daily Satsang, you will definitely get your fill of everything yoga. 

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