Costa Rica Yoga Retreats

Pura Vida

 This is a very popular destination for retreats of all kinds. The proximity to the airport is a definite advantage and why many people, yogis or not book into this retreat center. They typically host about 60 retreats a year and the list is growing, so they must be doing something right! You can attend a retreat here with a group (they’re all listed on their website) or you can book a 7, 5 or 3 day package that includes daily yoga and meditation classes that are ongoing. A couple of notes regarding what I’ve found in the reviews. It is a gated community, for some this is good because it gives a sense of safety. For some this gives a sense of imprisonment. Also there are 3 german shepherds that roam the property, they are friendly but if you’re not ok with large dogs, it might not be the place for you. Lastly and most important is the amount of traffic noise. Because of the convenient location there is alot of traffic noise both day and night so ear plugs are a must if you’re a light sleeper.

type of yoga: varies depending on instructor

Child minding available? no

Other Activities: guided hiking, butterfly tours and education, kayaking, white water rafting,

Cost: varies depending on retreat

Non Yogi partners welcome? yes, no yoga classes are mandatory

food: some packages are all inclusive serving 3 meals per day of very delicious meals that are raved about on tripadvisor, most retreats are all inclusive as well. For a couple nights stay without a package or retreat, breakfast is included.

dates: about 60 retreats per year! To many to list here!!

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