Yoga Retreats UK:
Platinum Healing
Arundel, West Sussex, UK

In rural setting this is one of those yoga retreats UK that is a combination of a healing juice detox and a yoga retreat.

No solid foods are consumed during the duration of the retreat (3-4 nights),  with the

idea that it gives your digestive system a break and rids the body of toxins. The yoga is listed as traditional and holistic, so may I assume that means Hatha yoga? During the retreat you are given a complimentary massage and NLP sessions.

Platinum Healing actually runs several different types of retreats anything from weight loss to anxiety and depression treatment. They do all sorts of interesting treatments too, including hypnosis. The location is easy to get to and yet peaceful too. Accommodations for the UK yoga retreats are 5 star.

Type of yoga:Hatha/traditional

Child minding available:no

Other Activities(other than yoga): detoxing, chilling out

Cost: 150-200 pounds per night, 3-4 nights

Non Yogi partners welcome: no

Food: juice and supplements included

Their Website

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