Molten Wellness and Adventure
Montana, USA

Named appropriately this company provides Montana yoga retreats that combine yoga and adventures like trail running, horseback riding, or winter adventures like snow shoeing, cross country skiing or downhill skiing at Big Sky Ski Resort- America’s biggest ski resort. The retreats run over a weekend, typically with arrival time being 3pm on Thursday and departure is Sunday at noon. They have a couple of venues they use for accommodations being the Big Sky Ski Resort and Diamond J Ranch.


Dates and prices:

January 2014 16th-19th, a new year a new you. Big Sky Retreat $850-$1575

June 6-8th, 2014, Montana OM $1175-$1385USD

August 29-31, 2014 Hiking OM $1175-$1385

October 3-5, 2014 Running OM- Chi Running information $1175-$1385 USD


Reviews: Big Sky Ski Resort has good reviews on tripadvisor sitting at 90%. The views, clean rooms and welcoming staff top the list of pros. Because it’s a ski resort most of the reviews deal with that, so just be sure to check conditions before heading out and don’t assume the a reduction in price if conditions aren’t great.

Diamond J Ranch: no reviews available yet, and not to be confused with the Diamond J Ranch in Colorado.

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