Marga Yoga

Koh Samui, Thailand

Dates: On going retreat center

Marga Yoga is a centre for those looking for a way to restore balance and to bring harmony to their life. Marga means “the path” and it refers to the spiritual path; it is a unique journey for everyone; a journey of discovery, learning and creating positive change in one’s life.

Situated on one of the quietest and most beautiful locations on Koh Samui, Marga Yoga offers a variety of therapies and programs to help you relax, cleanse and energize.

Marga Yoga is also listed on our  detox page

Reviews: 100%, although only 8 reviews exist so far. The yoga is wonderful and the food is delicious and unique. Quiet area and beautiful sunsets.

Instructor Name and Bio:

Simona started practicing yoga and meditation over 20 years ago; her practice took her to India to continue her studies and to Thailand where she opened Marga Yoga 4 years ago, a retreat centre situated in the south of the island on the beautiful taling Ngam Beach, opened to all who are willing to immerse themselves into the teachings of yoga.

Type of yoga? Hatha

Child minding available? No

Cost? From 25,000 baht

Are Non Yogi partners welcome? Yes

Things to do with free time? Swimming, Snorkeling, Trekking, Boat Trips, Excursions

Do they serve or allow alcohol? No

Accommodations? Basic

Size? How many participants will there be (minimum and maximum) 3-8 participants

Instructions Getting there (which airport and airport transfers): Koh Samui Airport/Taxi available on request



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