Kripalu Yoga Retreats 

First delveloped by yogi Amrit Desai and early staff of the Kripalu center, Kripalu Yoga has three stages. Willful practice, willful surrender and lastly meditation in motin where you completely release tension and find a trust yourself able to fully trust your body.

Kripalu Yoga Retreats:
Radical Restoration

Valfabbrica, Umbria, Italy

Kripalu Yoga Retreats:
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Lenox, MA, USA

This is a large yoga center, which has a strong focus on the aspects of yoga other than Asana. There are 3 daily yoga classes to choose from that are 75-90 minutes long. They now have meat choices for food but strongly gear towards vegetarian. They offer many programs  with a variety of subjects some of which are too new agey for some of the guests- like chanting and Kabbalah meditation, but there is much to be learned here if you’re open to it. This isn’t a place to look for beautiful luxury as the rooms are simple, but thats kinda the point here- it’s not about the room it’s about the transformational experience. 

Reviews: the tripadvisor rating isn’t great for this one as it’s only at 80% which is pretty low as far as yoga retreats go. However, when comparing it to a beautiful Bali retreat with staff bending over backward to please you, 80% might actually be a solid rating for a center of this kind. Many guests didn’t like the disciplined rules and regulations but that is the other limbs of yoga!

Kripalu Yoga Retreats:
Discovery yoga

 St. Augustine Florida, USA

Dates: on going with various events and workshops throughout the year.

A wonderful set up with a fully functioning yoga studio/ shala with onsite accommodations. You can set up a personal retreat or attend one of their many workshops throughout the year, even teacher training. Accommodations are basic and reasonably priced with some options of sharing and sharing a bathroom or having a private room with an ensuite bathroom. There is no food served here rather they provide a full kitchen for you to do your own cooking. There are also few restaurants nearby.

 Type of yoga offered: Kripalu,

Child minding available: no

 Other Activities (other than yoga): walks,free bike rides or horse carriages to go into town, hiking, sailing, fishing, kayaking, para sailing.

Cost: bed in shared room and shared hallway bath $45

Standard room with hall bath $85

Private room with private bath $95

deluxe room with private bath $105

 Non Yogi partners welcome: yes

 food: not served or included

Kripalu Yoga Retreats:

Stirling, Ontario, Canada

Cost: $200-$225 per person per night. Includes yoga and detox drinks.

Choose from a wide variety of services here, including detoxing, weightloss, Kripalu Yoga, stress management, Reiki, Spiritual healing, massage, reflexology and saunas just to name a few. David Gouveia and Ms. Mano McNabb are the founders of Nonpareil and the estate, both have many years experience and bring a great combination of skills to the retreat.

Kripalu Yoga Retreats:
Sunlil Yoga

Sugar Ridge Retreat Center , Wyebridge, Ontario

Dates: Oct 17-19th, 2014

Cost: $335-$365

Present by Linda Hall and Cathy Cassel, this weekend retreat includes the Kripalu yoga, meditation, yoga dance and hiking.  The vegetarian meals are all included and have got great reviews on tripadvisor. Please see our Canada page for more information on Sugar Ridge retreat center.  

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