Goa Yoga Holidays:
Kranti Yoga School and Yoga Village
Patnam Beach, Goa, India

Kranti Yoga has a little yoga village with cute cottages for accommodations. The cottages have western style bathrooms for comfort. They have daily morning yoga classes that are mysore style (self guided with an instructor helping) or Vinyasa flow. The afternoon classes are more a restorative and gentle. You choose which classes suit your needs and create a custom package. They have ayurvedic massages and treatments available to you for an extra charge.


Early 2013- There are only 3 tripadvisor reviews on this particular retreat and their overall rating isn’t good due to one scathing review, stating inappropriate behaviour from the male instructor. Stay tuned, this will be interesting to follow more reviews on this one. 

Update 2013: They now have 5 reviews and the scathing review has been taken down... Hmmm thats strange...

Update 2014: Well the rating have grown and improved. The now have 27 reviews and it sits at 94%. However a poor rating was added again, partly due to some questionable behaviour between a instructor and student. Also noted this retreat is mostly taught by westerners, there is not a huge amount of focus on meditation and spirituality and they do allow for alcohol consumption. Many of the teacher training students absolutely  loved their experience saying it was relaxed, welcoming and enjoyable.

Type of Yoga Offered: “Kranti”, based on Ashtanga, but can’t be called Ashtanga

Child minding available: no

Other Activities (other than yoga): not alot, there is a strong focus on yoga here. Evening activities include watching yoga documentries and Mantra chanting


Low Season 40 Euro Accommodation in grounds cottage, 2 yoga classes, breakfast

-Low Season 50 Euro Accommodation in Ocean View Cottage, 2 yoga classes, breakfast

-Low Season 60 Euro Accommodation in Ocean View Cottage, 2 yoga classes, breakfast

Non Yogi partners welcome: probably welcome but would be a little bored, this place is definitely for immersing yourself in yoga

food: breakfast included in cost of accommodations.

dates: ongoing

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