Yoga Retreats Hawaii Kalani, Hawaii


On the east side of the Big Island, this company offers an ongoing retreat center with workshops and special events. They have a full yoga schedule offering many different types of yoga. Accommodations are lovely, clean and modern that accommodate every budget including campers. Some describe the lodge as rustic because there are land line phones, tv’s, cellular reception and wifi connection as poor. A perfect place to unplug. A warning from many visitors, keep in mind this is NOT a resort, it’s a retreat, with bugs and nature abound! You are after all in the jungle.

It is well run place to host your own yoga retreat too. There is so much to do here it’s incredible. A long list of types of Body work is available, and everyone raves about the Wastu massage with Sarah Joy. They even have TRX fitness training, planned excursions, hawaiian dance classes, walking the beautiful property, a pool- (careful clothing is optional!) and that’s even without leaving the resort. If you’d like to explore a little it’s highly recommended that you have a car as walking to the points of interest isn’t really an option.

Interesting to note is that this an organization works towards an environmentally friendly community. Many here are volunteers that serve to help build a beautiful sustainable land. Very warm and friendly welcoming all types of people, gay, straight, young, old and everything in between.

Type of yoga: hatha, Yin, kundalini yoga, restorative, vinyasa, tantra, Kirtan

Child minding available:no

Other Activities (other than yoga): many! Body work, dance classes, lei classes, scenic walks, swimming, TRX fitness

Cost: Kalani experience package all-inclusive 7 nights: Cottage: $1250, per person double occupancy , $1920 per person single occupancy Many other packages available, but this was recommended!

Non Yogi partners welcome: yes!

food: included with the all inclusive package, mixed reviews, vegetarian

dates: ongoing

Their Website

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