Cortes Island

Dates: February to November ongoing with many organized programs and workshops throughout the year

Cost: $87 (tent) to $317 per person per night. Note this does not include your tuition to the workshops and programs.


 This is a large retreat center on Cortes Island in the Georgia Straight, near Vancouver, British Columbia. Interesting to note is that it’s a non profit educational institute. They host many programs and workshops on a huge variety of topics including yoga, dance and personal development. They also have a variety of accommodations, even some that are ocean front. In addition to the programs there is alot to do here. Your stay includes guided nature walks and daily meditation and yoga. There is also kayaking and bodywork sessions at an extra charge.

In addition to the educational programs they run, they also offer personal getaways. These appear to run mid-week and for 3 nights. There is a long list of dates available. Here is a link to their website if you're interested!


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