Habitat Retreats: Functional Medicine Health Retreat

by Chris Frykman
(Boulder CO)

Company Name:Habitat Retreats

Name of yoga retreat: Habitat Retreat Functional Medicine Health Retreat

Dates: Monthly

City: Boulder County, CO Country: USA

Cost/Price: $10,000 for per person small group, $13,000 Individual

Early booking discounts?No

Description of the Retreat:3 or 7 Day Functional Medicine Retreat. Get all your testing done before hand so that the first day we have a Personalized Plan for your healing. Daily Therapies including Ayurvedic Massage, Yoga, Detox, Body Treatments, Organic Juices, The Work Sessions, Relationship Code, and Emotional Intelligence Workshops, Change Your Habitat Body, Soul, Mind

Accommodations: Mountain Retreat Home in the Rocky Mountains. The place varies depending on group size.

How long has the your company been running retreats?Year

Instructor name and bio:

Drs. Shamanie Haneca D.C. and Christopher Frykman D.C share a love for helping people heal.

Combined they have over 25 years of Clinical Experience bringing a Functional Medicine Approach to healing. It wasn't until their own struggle with a chronic disease, that they knew that more had to be done in terms of treating the whole person. They dreamt of a place where people could get away from their stressful lives, to re-group, re-boot, re-vitalize and re-build and truly start the healing process. They knew they had to be a part of

creating a healing space for those in need. They have partnered with amazing yoga teachers, Movement Experts, Gourmet Chef and Healers bringing you an amazing team offering a Functional Medicine Approach to change your habitat and your life.

If you are so tired of being sick, if you want vitality and a plan on how to live it, then this is the place for you.
They look forward to working with you.

Type of Yoga: Yoga

Is there childminding available?No

What's included in the cost of the retreat: Organic, Gluten Free Tailored to your preferences and health goals prepared by your own gourmet Chef

What's not included in retreat cost: Airfare, Rental Car, Transportation

Are non-yoga partners welcome? YES

Food whats included in the cost and what type of food is it? All Food, Personalized Nutrition, Gluten Free, Organic prepared by your own gourmet chef

Do they serve alcohol? NO

Number of Participants: Small Group 5, Individual 1-2

Daily schedule: Ayurvedic Panchakarma Massage, Detoxification Therapies, Functional Neuro Treatments, Infrared Sauna, Organic Fresh Juices, Yoga, Functional Movement, Hiking, The Work Sessions, Relationship Code, Emotional Intelligence, Organic Fresh Juices 3 times per Day

Instructions for getting there: Fly to Denver, Rent a car


contact email: drshamanie@hotmail.com

contact phone number: 303-808-2129

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