Yoga Retreat Nicaragua:
El Coco Loco Retreat Center

I'm excites about this yoga retreat Nicaragua! Great prices, great reviews and eco friendly! Jack pot in my books!

El Manzano, Chinandega, Nicaragua

Cost? Varies per retreat, 

Are Non Yogi partners welcome? Yes

Things to do with free time? Surfing, horseback riding, kayaking, volcano hikes, colonial city tours, get involved with the non-profit Waves of Hope. Waves of Hope is an organization that the owners started to help build proper schools in Nicaragua.

Excursions or activties included in cost? It doesn't look like much is included in the retreat cost HOWEVER the prices are extremely reasonable and some say you won't find a better deal in Nicaragua. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. So many retreat centers charge a fee much much higher than locally available just because they think they can get away with it, not at El Coco Loco!

Food: All food and drinks including rum, wine & beer are included in the cost. Offering plenty of fresh seafood, vegetarian and vegan options, raw desserts & much more. Unlike most retreat centers El Coco Loco serves meals 4xs daily. The quality is very high and there is lots of variety.

Accommodations? A Cabana style eco resort. Because this is a remote place keep in mind it's not a 5 star luxury American resort. Rather it uses composting toilets, outdoor (yet private) showers, and no wifi. What? No wifi  you say! Yes no Wifi, the whole magic of this place is designed to get you away from technology and daily stresses. Forget about email and facebook for a week and trust me you'll feel so much better at the end of it! Also to note there is no hot water for showers, but really... you're in Nicaragua the air is hot enough! The room temperature water it didn't bother anyone in the reviews.

Size?  Maximum 12 students. Minimum 8 students.

Instructions Getting there (which airport and airport transfers): El Coco Loco provides airport transfers to/from Managua International Airport.


Yoga Retreat Nicaragua Reviews for
El Coco Loco Retreat Center:

Out of 57 reviews it sits at 98% for this yoga retreat Nicaragua. Honestly almost everyone who has written a review of this place is raving about how wonderful it is. The word amazing and perfect were used over and over and over! What's all the hype about? For starters the location is absolutely ideal, as the beach is deserted most of the time! It's at least an hours drive from the touristy parts of Nicaragua so if getting away from the hustle and buslte is what you're looking for - GO HERE! Everyone is impressed with the great service and value. The staff are professional and friendly, making every single guest feel at home and part of the family. Food is served 4 times daily and has been described as exquisite. Accommodations are not luxury five star but modest eco friendly beach cabana’s with very comfy beds. Many activities to enjoy your free non yoga time. Family friendly.

For the yoga instructors that are looking to book a retreat location this place seems perfect. As many instructors have recommended it due to the professionalism and awesome vibe of the place.

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