Yoga Retreats UK:
Ecoyoga Centre
Ford, Scotland

Nestled in the highlands of Scotland, a 2 1/2 hour drive from Glasgow sits a UK yoga retreat by the name of Ecoyoga Center.

The focus here is on yoga (mostly Ashtanga and

Iyengar, but they do others as well), luxurious bathing, and eco living. 

Crafted into the edges of the river sit several outdoor baths, for soaking up not just the bubbles but also the surrounding nature and peace. The lodge is an eco built masterpiece, collecting more electricity than it can use and fully off the grid.

They have two options for your stay, being either a fully catered retreat or a self catered holiday, with heavy discounts for you to prepare your own meals in their cafe kitchen.

These hosts are proud of they way this centre was built and they should be! You can take a tour and learn all about it from Nick and Rachel. The vibe is relaxed and you can attend (or not attend) as many yoga classes as you wish. They have ongoing classes or join in on one of their organized group retreats- although I don't see a schedule listed anywhere...

Type of yoga: Mostly Ashtanga inspired and Iyengar, but others as well.

Child minding available: yes

Other Activities(other than yoga): walks, bathing, eco-living information tours, historical tours

Cost: 90-100 pounds per day per person (for the retreat)

Non Yogi partners welcome yes. Even your dog is welcome here but just be sure to ask first!

Food:  Some included. Farm fresh eggs and organic produce!

Their Website

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