Dharana Phuket Meditation Center,  Phuket, Thailand

This is much more a meditation retreat than a yoga retreat, however there is a yoga session scheduled everyday at 4pm. Dharana Meditation center is somewhere to go if you’re serious about learning to meditate. Every morning at 6am you’re off on an excursion to a beautiful and quiet place to meditate.You have several meditation sessions group and solo and discussion sessions. This center is run by a warm couple Tobi and Parn who dedicate themselves to teaching people to meditate. Many of the reviews state they are definitely not in it for the money, rather they genuinely care about their guests and really want them to be happy.

The accommodations are nice, not five star luxury but there are alot of amenities such as a jacuzzi, sauna, pool, tv, wifi and rooms are clean. 


Out of 36 reviews there are 33 excellent, 2 very good, and 1 average. There are no poor or terrible reviews on this place! All reviews comment on the warmth and graciousness of the hosts

Type of yoga: none specified, but is suitable for all levels

Child minding available? no

Other Activities (other than yoga): massage, meditation 


Non Yogi partners welcome? yes

Food: included vegetarian, will accommodate individual dietary needs

Dates: on going


Below fees include:

Accommodation with Airconditioning, Ensuite bathroom with hot/cold shower, Fridge, Comfortable Queensize Beds, Complementary wifi, Use of Pool, Sauna, Herbal Steam, Jaccuzzi, Complementary fresh drinking water every day, Airport Transfer, The whole Retreat program, Meals, All Excursions, Daily Yoga.

All the prices mentioned below are all inclusive - there are absolutely no extra or hidden fees.

Sukhavati Accommodation Prices (Including Program): 

01 Days / 02 Nights
11.070 THB
8.850 THB

02 Days / 03 Nights

19.130 THB

15.300 THB

03 Days / 04 Nights
27.190 THB
21.750 THB

04 Days / 05 Nights
35.250 THB
28.200 THB

05 Days / 06 Nights
43.320 THB
34.650 THB

06 Days / 07 Nights
51.380 THB
41.100 THB

07 Days / 08 Nights
59.440 THB

08 Days / 09 Nights
67.500 THB
54.000 THB

09 Days / 10 Nights
75.570 THB
60.450 THB

10 Days / 11 Nights
83.630 THB
66.900 THB

11 Days / 12 Nights
91.690 THB
73.350 THB

12 Days / 13 Nights
99.750 THB
79.800 THB

13 Days / 14 Nights

107.820 THB

86.250 THB

14 Days / 15 Nights
115.880 THB
92.700 THB


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