Como Shambhala

 Locations world wide

Ubud, Bali


Maldives (2 locations)

Phuket, Thailand


Como resorts are a very high end luxury facility focusing on health and wellness. They sometimes host world renowned yoga instructors (see one below) and also have ongoing yoga classes at all their locations.

Many of the locations have a privately assigned butler to take care of your every need. They do this instead of having a reception area. Each accommodation is extremely private and if you happen to see other people on your small luxury yoga retreat it's because you have choosen to! From being nestled into a jungle setting or sleeping over gorgeous crystal blue water in the Maldives

Many of their locations have won multiple awards for their spa services. Its no doubt the Como Resorts are out to wow people who have never experienced this level of luxury and also to cater to the needs of the people who are have grown accustomed to it.

The activities available outside of the yoga are many. From relaxing on your private beach,  enjoying some water sports, or sampling everything at the spa you won't have a dull moment unless you want to!  


Cost/Price: Just to give you an idea you're for their 6 day retreat you're looking at $5000-$8000 (double occupancy). I would bank on about $1000 per night.

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