Cheap Yoga Retreats:
Ayuryoga Eco Ashram
Mysore, India

This is a tiny little ashram offering a few different cheap yoga retreats. Groups run at 10-20 people. This is the permanent campus for the Yoga Vidya Spritual Retreats. They have a yoga immersion retreat, yoga and art retreat , yoga for beginners retreat and yoga detox retreat. However I only see upcoming dates for the yoga immersion. They also offer many yoga teacher trainings. Ayuryoga Eco Retreat are also welcoming to any instructor of art and culture and will be interested in hosting a retreat specific to that.


prices: $700 USD for shared, $900 for private


There is definitely a very strong focus on yoga during this cheap yoga retreat. The only free time granted is a couple of hours in the morning. The schedule includes lots of meditation, yoga philolosophy talks and training and even Yoga Nidra in the evening.

Accommodations are little wooden cottages and can they can be shared or private. Judging from the photos, they are very simple and basic- just right for focusing on yoga!  A nice touch for this Ashram is the ensuite western style bathrooms. You definitely don't see these at all the little ashrams in India. The yoga shala is an open air covered room in the middle of beautiful fields. Perfect for getting focused!

They do plan one cultural excursion during your stay, however this is not included and will cost an extra $10-$20.

 Food is included but be aware that meat and fish are not allowed on campus.  They do their own organic farming and onsite permaculture too!

Ayurveda therapy: They take their ayurveda seriously here and do it properly. Treatments will be available to those who are committed to longer stays and can truely benefit from the ayurveda, as it takes this long for the effects to take place.

Cheap Yoga Retreats Reviews: Ayuryoga Eco Ashram

The facebook ratings sit at 4.3 out of 5, which equals 86%. However the lower ratings don't give any explaination as to why they rated so low...The only ones that have comments rave about how life changing this place is. High quality instruction and a love for the environment and nature.

Their website:

This is a litte confusing because if you google Ayuryoga Eco Retreat you get their old website. Here is the new updated one:

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