Budget Yoga Retreat:
Ananda Ashram

New York, USA

Budget Yoga Retreat: Ananda Ashram is a non profit yoga society so their rates stay low for. The lowest I found was $65 USD per night in a dorm room on the weekday during off peak season - November 1- April 30. It does go up to $100 USD per night for a semi-private room in the peak season.  This price includes their core yoga program consisting of a morning Hatha yoga class and an evening meditation class, Sanskrit and yoga philosophy classes, along with 3 vegetarian meals per day. The location is a short 1 hour drive from New York City and puts you in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Here there is a strong focus on meditation and communal living. They even have their own gardens used for feeding their guests, a true farm to table feeling exists here. They offer a variety of different retreats, including silent ones.

Note the title did say Ashram not resort, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Activities: besides the morning Hatha yoga and evening meditation workshops, you can expect to find things like musical concerts and dances, a canoe to paddle around the lake, gentle hiking trails for being at one in nature, Ayurveda classes, Kirtan classes, a pool in the summer.

Accommodations: Very very rustic. Dorm style, so expect to have a few room mates. There are no private rooms available.

Review of Budget Yoga Retreats Ananda Ashram:

Some guests were freaked out by the lack of cleanliness and said they don't change the sheets between guests... I find this very hard to believe. It does have poor lighting so either arrive in daylight or know where you're headed! It does have a massive following and many guests return through out the year. It is said to be a "TRUE" yogic experience, which I think means giving up the idea of spa treatments and pampering but rather, getting to connect with like minded people, learn Sanskrit and practice asanas and meditation. Lots of energy and playful spirit in the summer!

One negative review said there were alot of extra charges so make sure to do your homework if you're on a budget. 

Food isn't much talked about in reviews, however when it is the guest either loved or hated it, or both depending on the dish.

To sum up the positives: The grounds are nice, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is one of truely making everyone feel like they belong.

Ananda Ashram's website:


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