Plus Size Yoga Retreats:
Big Yoga

Buckingham, Virginia, USA

Dates: First date was cancelled new one to be decided, will update you shortly!

Cost/Price- $245.00

Description: Big Yoga is an adapted Yoga program for anyone challenged by extra weight, stiffness, injury or neglect. Our retreat will offer adapted Hatha Yoga instruction with Meera, author of Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies. Sessions in Meditation, chanting, pranayama, guided relaxation and Yoga philosophy will be offered. Accomodations are off campus in Yogaville, overlooking the beautiful James River with views of the Lotus Temple,with several hiking trails through the woods. Delicious vegetarian meals, with options for vegans and also glutan free dishes, will be served in the main dining hall at Yogaville. Come join us and experience the limitlessness of Big Yoga!

Name of Resort/Retreat Center/Hotel-if different from retreat company name: Yogaville

Description of Accommodations (ie five star, budget): Single beds, 2 to a room. All new, very comfortable

How long has the retreat company been operating?: over 20 years

Instructor Name and Bio: Your guide through the weekend is Meera P. Kerr, author of Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies and DVDs for home practice. Meera has been teaching Yoga for over 35 years and has several Hatha Yoga certificationsas well as Stress Management and Raja Yoga. A long-time devotee of Yoga master, Sri Swami Satchidananda, Meera had the priviledge of being a direct disciple and as such carries his vibration in all her teaching.

Second Instructor Name and Bio: Amber Karnes, blogger of Body Positive

Primary type of yoga: Big Yoga,Hatha,

Secondary types of yoga: Bhakti yoga

Karma Yoga

Jnana Yoga

Raja Yoga

Is there childminding available: no

Please list everything included in the cost: room and board

Please list anything NOT included in cost, including optional activities available in the area: travel from the airport or bus station

Sample Daily Schedule:

6:00 meditation

7:00 Hatha Yoga

8:45 breakfast

10:00 morning program

noon meditation

12:30pm lunch

2:15 afternoon program

4:00 free time or yoga session

5:00 meditation

5:30 dinner

7:30 Satsang (evening program till 9:30)

Are Non-Yoga partners welcome: maybe

FOOD: what is included and what type of food is it: vegetarian,vegan, and gluten free foods are available

Do they serve alcohol at this retreat: no

Size: What is the minimum and maximum number of participants: 8

Instructions for getting there: call or email for direction

Website or contact info:

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